Here we go…I have another for you

I am not being pompous, just another beauty junkie..though some may feel that I am showing off trust me this acccumalation is over a few trips and orders and wanted to show it to you..I like to look at such posts too you know so this is for those like me. IMG_5052


from left; Essence Circus highlighter, Essence matte bronzer for brunettes, MUA Undressed Skin Highlighter

from left; Color studio nail polishes in Black Crackle,  Love Story, Deep Undercover & Electrique. NX nail polish in Berry Berry, LA Colors nail polishes in Sea Siren, Splash & Fiji Purple

from left; Color studio nail polishes in Black Crackle, Love Story, Deep Undercover & Electrique. NX nail polish in Berry Berry, LA Colors nail polishes in Sea Siren, Splash & Fiji Purple


from left; MUA undressed me too eyeshadow palette, Essence Kajal Pencil, Etude skin fit kajal in Black, Essence mascara 2in1 volume, MUA power pout Crazy in Love, Color Studio Haute Glosses in Rougue & Vegas

from left; Freeman dead sea minerals face mask & Himalaya Clarifying mud mask

from left; Freeman dead sea minerals face mask & Himalaya Clarifying mud mask

It is alot I know, though I don’t need to justify…I can only say that these are accumalated small purchases made over a period of time to satisfy a god-awful itch in the palm of my hand, safe to say now is that I’m broke (again) and since summer is here my next concentration will be on clothes..we have indulgences and here I am sharing mine. Takecare =)


A Haul…(this space is for a smart sarcastic tag line)

Hello there! Us beauty obsessed ladies (by which I mean us people with issues regarding saving our money for something bigger) can’t resist buying even if we are in a pharmacy browsing generic brands, our eye always happens to catch something. ALWAYS. So the pictures ahead are a result of few trips over the past few weeks. Enjoy =) and you comments/confess your such moments down in the comment box.


Kryalon Auqa color no.1 and 5, Essence gel eye liner in Berlin Rocks, DMGM shimmer and shine loose powder in no.3, Luscious lipstick in no.16, Rimmel Apocolips in Galaxy, MUA blush perfection in Bittersweet, Real techniques expert face brush and setting brush.


And a brief review of the things I’ve tried so far.

Kryolan aqua eye liners (Rs 250 each): OMG amazing, buildable and can work with any eye liner brush and I’m afraid to try the blue one though (i personally prefer the brushes which come with the Maybelline gel eye liners)

Essence gel eye liner in Berlin Rocks (Rs 460) : Amazing texture, and don’t be fooled by the color in the pot, the color is dark and satin-y in finish.

MUA cream blush in Bittersweet (Rs 350 me finks) : Only works when you apply with your fingers as their heat melts the product and makes it applicable on to the skin. The bright color is what I’m in love with. (detailed review in upcoming posts)

Rimmel London Apocolips in Galaxy (Rs 975): Does it make me a bad person to say that it’s not worth the hype???? Cuz seriously I was  tempted to buy the bright reds and pinks, but then I have a load of those already in many a different shades with various undertones (the husband already doesn’t get this) so why go for another expensive product such as this and buy another cliched color?? So yeah..right now I’m not raving about this, but then I haven’t given it time so I’ll give this the benefit of doubt.

Luscious Signature Lipstick in Raspberry (Rs 650): Ayesha’s blog made me do this. ( and yet to try though.

Real Techniques Expert Face brush: Deserves a whole raving post.

Real Techniques Setting brush: Awesome to highlighter on the face.

DMGM shimmer and shine loose powder (Rs 1130): Just bought it, kinda expensive, really pwetty and will review with a bunch of other ones in the butnext blogpost on highligthers)

So yep, I basically can’t stand crisp idle notes resting in my wallet despite me being a very possesive person I happily handover wads of cash for pretty colored, bright and well packaged tubes and tubs of makeup…that is so messed up in a make me happy sort of way…anyway, I know there was a lot of sarcasm in this post..but thats because I’ve made a few friends (hopefully) in the beauty blogger community and this just makes me want to write more freely, show who I am and how I think (I follow the hype and then curse myself) so yeah, hope you all like this change. Let me know your opinions please, takecare.

The Favorite Foundation Brushes Rundown

This is a very extremely late post after an embarassingly long time away, my apologies. Despite being 24 and married i’m still learning a few things about life the most importantly being,  juggling all things together. I’m really bad at it. So still working, hoping to get there.


Anyway, foundation brushes. Yep the days of the sponge are long gone. (Beauty blender and sponges are two very different things). So, I have a few must haves in my collection which I rotate along with the nature of the foundation, though I mostly just use liquid or stick (I’m trying to use it up).

First, its the sigma angled top kabuki f-84.



This brush is dense and angled hence takes the product in and distributes it evenly with its shape making it easy to access each corner and line of the face neatly. Though all the hype is about the flat shaped kabuki brush, I suggest if you have this give it a try. I used it in straight downwards strokes moving it along the muscles of my face and the result is a well blended look with no extra product.

Second, the Real Techniques Buffing brush from the Core Collection set.




Not as densely pack as the previous mentioned one but no less in performance either, this one is magical. Buffs effortlessly, I use it in round strokes and shortly I’m left with a super smooth, blended and settled base on my skin, it’s absolutely amazing! The bristles are pack at the base but then the barrel allows them to fan out and take shape rather than stay poker straight, stipple the foundation lightly on the skin to spread the product, then spin spin spin and you’re done.

Last and typically, The Real Techniques Foundation brush from the travel collection (I fink..?)



The typical one and most important for liquid foundations, this is amazing. Thick and stiff, using it in straight one direction strokes not only blends the product well in to my skin but also gets into those hard to get spaces on my face. Amazing to use and not to be under estimated.

There you have it, I’d be helpless if I ever loose them, comment below to let me know your faves, I’ll be back soon =)


Winter wonder lips + small drugstore purchase!

Firstly, my post earlier earned 5 likes which is amazing since this is just my first week! Thankyou to all for appreciating, I would love any type of feedback (even constructive criticism).

Secondly, oxblood lips have been all the rage this season I know but in winter I’m personally drawn to any kind of dark lips color for a bold look and frankly less makeup on the rest of the face. I do though keep on applying one odd nude color because at the end of it all I like to safe with my choices too. Have a look below to see what I have been enjoying this season!


From left: Color Studio Lipsticks in Runway & Diva, Catrice Lipstick in Tell me A Berry Tail, Color Studio lip liner in Rasberry, MUA Intense Kisses lip gloss in Stolen Kisses and Color Studio Lipstick in Drop Dead Gorgeous



Without flash



With flash


Also the other day while browsing the shelves of my local pharmacy I came across an Essence stand and could not resist at all because of the affordable price range and a change from the usual brands available. Here’s what I got:


Lipgloss in Berry Me (very purple in actual) and eye shadow in Party All Night (Pinky champagne)

Lipgloss in Berry Me (very purple in actual) and eye shadow in Party All Night (Pinky champagne)


Hope to use them in a look soon, meanwhile I’ll make use of the many other pinky champagne eye shadows I already own (yep I’m a hoarder who just can’t get enough). Also, I know I haven’t made any particular setting of picture my trade mark, I’m still playing around with the setting hoping to get there eventually, please bare with me!