The Favorite Foundation Brushes Rundown

This is a very extremely late post after an embarassingly long time away, my apologies. Despite being 24 and married i’m still learning a few things about life the most importantly being,  juggling all things together. I’m really bad at it. So still working, hoping to get there.


Anyway, foundation brushes. Yep the days of the sponge are long gone. (Beauty blender and sponges are two very different things). So, I have a few must haves in my collection which I rotate along with the nature of the foundation, though I mostly just use liquid or stick (I’m trying to use it up).

First, its the sigma angled top kabuki f-84.



This brush is dense and angled hence takes the product in and distributes it evenly with its shape making it easy to access each corner and line of the face neatly. Though all the hype is about the flat shaped kabuki brush, I suggest if you have this give it a try. I used it in straight downwards strokes moving it along the muscles of my face and the result is a well blended look with no extra product.

Second, the Real Techniques Buffing brush from the Core Collection set.




Not as densely pack as the previous mentioned one but no less in performance either, this one is magical. Buffs effortlessly, I use it in round strokes and shortly I’m left with a super smooth, blended and settled base on my skin, it’s absolutely amazing! The bristles are pack at the base but then the barrel allows them to fan out and take shape rather than stay poker straight, stipple the foundation lightly on the skin to spread the product, then spin spin spin and you’re done.

Last and typically, The Real Techniques Foundation brush from the travel collection (I fink..?)



The typical one and most important for liquid foundations, this is amazing. Thick and stiff, using it in straight one direction strokes not only blends the product well in to my skin but also gets into those hard to get spaces on my face. Amazing to use and not to be under estimated.

There you have it, I’d be helpless if I ever loose them, comment below to let me know your faves, I’ll be back soon =)