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Friday fave: The sheer lipgloss

I thought to keep my self inspired I’ll start this post weekly focusing on that one product which out my crop has been in use those seven days regularly, good way to review things IMO.

For the first week, I have the sheer lip glosses. Summer has hit me hard this season probably because of the shift in region, I’ve come to live in the agricultural hub of Pakistan and this is the harvesting season…friends worst is yet to come. So, the urge to wear nothing on my face except heaps of SPF has been the rule and if you check out my Summer Essentials for Skincare, you’ll know that its precisely what I do during the hottest hours of the day. By the evening my face is lightly made up with products you’ll see in my next post and one more than the other: sheer, non-sticky, reminding me of teenage years sheer lip glosses. My choices are below:

from left; Color Studio Haute gloss in Audacious,  Rougue & Vegas. Essence Stay With Me gloss in Berry Me. L'Oreal Glam Shine lip gloss in Endless Light

from left; Color Studio Haute gloss in Audacious, Rouge & Vegas. Essence Stay With Me gloss in Berry Me. L’Oreal Glam Shine lip gloss in Endless Light

The colors are dark and vivid in the tube then on the lips there is tint of the actual color which is more than enough for me, the one’s I have are not sticky and neither the L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip gloss nor the Color Studio ones which I have are gritty with chunky glitter on the contrary they provide a lovely shine, a tint of color and slightest twinkle of glitter. The Essence Stay With Me gloss is really well pigmented, shiny and not sticky. Just what I crave when made up, sure re-application is necessary but I love the fact that they are light on the lips and go with my overall look which I know a creamy gloss would just not do.

There you have it, my obsession for this week…I’m pretty sure it’ll be for more than just this but then there are other categories too other than lips no? Also by Allah’s Grace I have more than enough products to choose, use and love/hate in a week so next week hopefully you’ll see a similar post if I don’t end up procrastinating it, which is a possibility since I’m reading “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green on Marib’s recommendation (yep I saw your tweet) and when I read, God help me I won’t even realize if there is a fire in the same room.

Anyway, let me know your week’s particular faves too please. Takecare!

My Summer Skin Essentials

This time of the year, I’m sure every high/low maintenance lady has a set pattern for her summer go-to’s for skin, makeup and attire, it’s necessary to for the purpose of building up endurance for the heat and well..we just love preparing for any season don’t we? It’s important to have those must-haves all set and ready to be pounced upon day/night.

As far as my skin care goes being in my mid-twenties (yep, hate saying that) and a stay-at-home lady, I have a fuss free routine day and night. I just lurrrrveee washing my face though along with keeping that fresh summer glow. Here is what I go for.


from left; TBS Coconut Body Butter, TBS Shea Lip Butter, Neutrogena Fine Fairness day moisturizer with SPF, St Ives Apricot Scrub, Neutrogena Spot Treatment, Care + Witch Hazel solution, Saeed Ghani rose water, Neutrogena Light Night Cream, Neutrogena Foot Cream, TBS Shea Whip Body Lotion

Firstly, no this is not sponsored my husband had stocked up my nightstand and bath drawer when we got married 6 months ago and I came over to Islamabad.. 🙂  I’m blushing, okay so these are my necessities, during the mid or by the I may switch a few things in and out but I’m pretty sure it  will stay this way at least this season.

TBS Coconut Body Butter: I have reviewed this earlier, I used it like holy water during winter all and now I’m finding it ideal as a cuticle treatment whenever I’m free.

TBS Shea Lip butter: I suffer from dry chapped lips all round the year and this not helps with that but also freshens up the natural lip color. Ah-mazing.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Day moisturizer with SPF: This is thick and heavy I won’t disregard that, but it also works. SPF is necessary wether in-doors or out and though this gives me a totally greasy finish I don’t mind it because honestly I don’t apply makeup in the morning or afternoon, therefore this after toner it fine with me. (Though washing this off feels so good and light!!) Things we do..?!

St Ives Apricot Scrub: Like I said, I like the summer glow and its only possible with regular exfoliation. This is a cult product among drugstore skincare lovers and why shouldn’t it be, it does the job pretty well.

Neutrogena spot treatment: For ASAP control of any zits, it’s to be applied on the specific area only. It’s not mind blowing but it works.

Care + Witch Hazel: I have only good things to say about this! Witch hazel is a herb that helps against acne and has a cooling effect on the skin and this does just and so much more. It says on the bottle that its a toner and can be used to  remove makeup and that’s how it became my ‘its-affordable-and-magical’ product. It is as thin as a toner, as light as water and does what it says. Nuff said.

Saeed Ghani Rose water: I am not partial to rose water brands, find them all the same this just happened to be the one I have right now. Rose water in general in summers is heavenly to me. A spritz every now and then I’m kept fresh.

Neutrogena Foot Cream: Summer=open shoes season, need those feet to look soft and looked after. This does the job for me because of it’s glycerin content that penetrates hard skin. A must-do at night before I sleep.

Neutrogena Light Night Cream: This is basically water whipped up to be a cream I don’t know how. It’s nice, light and perfect for humid nights as my skin absorbs it quickly. Come morning, my skin is supple and soft.

TBS Shea Whip Body Lotion: I need lotion round the year, they just need to vary in consistency according to season. This is perfectly light for summer months, it’s absorbed quickly but does the job and actually nourishes

This is what hopefully I’ll be working around if my skin behaves or else there will be a few in’s and out’s that will be essential but temporary, I hope you found this interesting, its nothing grand and OTT but it suits me so I guess the simpler the better is my motto here, though I do read alot and aspire to try a few things but for now baby steps =) let me know your summer necessities..I’d love to know! Takecare.

Here we go…I have another for you

I am not being pompous, just another beauty junkie..though some may feel that I am showing off trust me this acccumalation is over a few trips and orders and wanted to show it to you..I like to look at such posts too you know so this is for those like me. IMG_5052


from left; Essence Circus highlighter, Essence matte bronzer for brunettes, MUA Undressed Skin Highlighter

from left; Color studio nail polishes in Black Crackle,  Love Story, Deep Undercover & Electrique. NX nail polish in Berry Berry, LA Colors nail polishes in Sea Siren, Splash & Fiji Purple

from left; Color studio nail polishes in Black Crackle, Love Story, Deep Undercover & Electrique. NX nail polish in Berry Berry, LA Colors nail polishes in Sea Siren, Splash & Fiji Purple


from left; MUA undressed me too eyeshadow palette, Essence Kajal Pencil, Etude skin fit kajal in Black, Essence mascara 2in1 volume, MUA power pout Crazy in Love, Color Studio Haute Glosses in Rougue & Vegas

from left; Freeman dead sea minerals face mask & Himalaya Clarifying mud mask

from left; Freeman dead sea minerals face mask & Himalaya Clarifying mud mask

It is alot I know, though I don’t need to justify…I can only say that these are accumalated small purchases made over a period of time to satisfy a god-awful itch in the palm of my hand, safe to say now is that I’m broke (again) and since summer is here my next concentration will be on clothes..we have indulgences and here I am sharing mine. Takecare =)