Look of the night

I know I promised a very lippy post but I thought this would be a fun post to do first, this outfit was for a night out with my husband and  cousin, our parents were out of city so we decided to eat out, watch a movie and basically stay out late 🙂 loads of fun.




Ok, firstly I know any of my makeup is barely visible in detail and I’m getting there in terms of photography, you’ll see me getting there I promise =)

Secondly, the whole outfit was black. I wore a knee length tunic with black tights and my brown chain boots with just this necklace as an accessory along with small zircon studs because I hate my ear lobes empty, all of this and my trusty black coat you saw in my last post.

For my face on the other hand I used:

On my lips I’m wearing Catrice lipstick in Tell Me A Berry-tail (swatches coming in the next post I promise) and also if you know me then you know there are things missing from this picture (because I’m a klutz) like Color Studio Liquid Eyeliner and black kohl to line my upper water line.



Thanks for visiting my page and the kind wishes on my previous post, it means a lot when senior bloggers give their vote of confidence.


2 thoughts on “Look of the night

  1. hehe yeah i was stretching myself and the pose was snapped =), the concealer is my first tube, love it only complaint is the brush applicator it gets kinda clogged!!

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