Winter’s most worn

Ever since I have shifted to Islamabad from tropical weathered Karachi, I noticed that season changes will be very visible here. So came the winter season right after my wedding and I was barely prepared to face it. I didn’t panic, in fact at the right time utilizing a few things from my wardrobe and buying a few bargains resulted in me spending winters very stylishly indeed. Here are my winter wardrobe basics.


a warm woolen basic black coat


a coat sweater

an aztec print coat sweater



boots with varying colors, heights and heels



on trend, bright and warm scarves


These were the four elements I’ve been playing around with as within the first look the eye catches these four outer layers only. My rule was to keep a solid color (black coat), add a print(aztec print sweater coat) and then a bright color(mufflers and pashminas), all through layering. For nights out I would pair them with high heeled chained boots as the chain adds a bit of glitz and a bag. Like the shoes and scares I have a small selection of warm winter coats and sweaters too but these two have been my most worn this season.

Monochromes have been my favorite because I used my scarves as an accessory to add color which as a result also popped against my black white get up.

Next up I’ll talk about my favorite bold lip colors and winter makeup favorites!

A side note, my blog theme will keep changing over the time till I settle on one, this is because I’m looking to display my buttons and add a bold punch too so stay with me.


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