Winter wonder lips + small drugstore purchase!

Firstly, my post earlier earned 5 likes which is amazing since this is just my first week! Thankyou to all for appreciating, I would love any type of feedback (even constructive criticism).

Secondly, oxblood lips have been all the rage this season I know but in winter I’m personally drawn to any kind of dark lips color for a bold look and frankly less makeup on the rest of the face. I do though keep on applying one odd nude color because at the end of it all I like to safe with my choices too. Have a look below to see what I have been enjoying this season!


From left: Color Studio Lipsticks in Runway & Diva, Catrice Lipstick in Tell me A Berry Tail, Color Studio lip liner in Rasberry, MUA Intense Kisses lip gloss in Stolen Kisses and Color Studio Lipstick in Drop Dead Gorgeous



Without flash



With flash


Also the other day while browsing the shelves of my local pharmacy I came across an Essence stand and could not resist at all because of the affordable price range and a change from the usual brands available. Here’s what I got:


Lipgloss in Berry Me (very purple in actual) and eye shadow in Party All Night (Pinky champagne)

Lipgloss in Berry Me (very purple in actual) and eye shadow in Party All Night (Pinky champagne)


Hope to use them in a look soon, meanwhile I’ll make use of the many other pinky champagne eye shadows I already own (yep I’m a hoarder who just can’t get enough). Also, I know I haven’t made any particular setting of picture my trade mark, I’m still playing around with the setting hoping to get there eventually, please bare with me!


Look of the night

I know I promised a very lippy post but I thought this would be a fun post to do first, this outfit was for a night out with my husband and  cousin, our parents were out of city so we decided to eat out, watch a movie and basically stay out late 🙂 loads of fun.




Ok, firstly I know any of my makeup is barely visible in detail and I’m getting there in terms of photography, you’ll see me getting there I promise =)

Secondly, the whole outfit was black. I wore a knee length tunic with black tights and my brown chain boots with just this necklace as an accessory along with small zircon studs because I hate my ear lobes empty, all of this and my trusty black coat you saw in my last post.

For my face on the other hand I used:

On my lips I’m wearing Catrice lipstick in Tell Me A Berry-tail (swatches coming in the next post I promise) and also if you know me then you know there are things missing from this picture (because I’m a klutz) like Color Studio Liquid Eyeliner and black kohl to line my upper water line.



Thanks for visiting my page and the kind wishes on my previous post, it means a lot when senior bloggers give their vote of confidence.

Winter’s most worn

Ever since I have shifted to Islamabad from tropical weathered Karachi, I noticed that season changes will be very visible here. So came the winter season right after my wedding and I was barely prepared to face it. I didn’t panic, in fact at the right time utilizing a few things from my wardrobe and buying a few bargains resulted in me spending winters very stylishly indeed. Here are my winter wardrobe basics.


a warm woolen basic black coat


a coat sweater

an aztec print coat sweater



boots with varying colors, heights and heels



on trend, bright and warm scarves


These were the four elements I’ve been playing around with as within the first look the eye catches these four outer layers only. My rule was to keep a solid color (black coat), add a print(aztec print sweater coat) and then a bright color(mufflers and pashminas), all through layering. For nights out I would pair them with high heeled chained boots as the chain adds a bit of glitz and a bag. Like the shoes and scares I have a small selection of warm winter coats and sweaters too but these two have been my most worn this season.

Monochromes have been my favorite because I used my scarves as an accessory to add color which as a result also popped against my black white get up.

Next up I’ll talk about my favorite bold lip colors and winter makeup favorites!

A side note, my blog theme will keep changing over the time till I settle on one, this is because I’m looking to display my buttons and add a bold punch too so stay with me.

The Body Shop Encounter

So I’ve always ventured into the The Body Shop but never dared to buy due to the price range. I am weird when it comes to purchasing things, you can judge that from the fact that instead of buying loads of affordable body care products and leaving them in the middle due to unsatisfactory results I could’ve bought the coconut bath range from TBS a dozen times..yep!!

Anyway, so I was admiring the shop’s Christmas display in December when my husband coaxed me to go inside and buy something. First thought to go through my mind ‘Woah! Is he for real!!!’ turned out he really was =)


I thought about trying something full size but then again I go on road trips with my husband and his parents and I thought these would be the perfect travel sized products to try and review. I went for the coconut bath set which came in a mesh pouch and contained a coconut shower cream, a coconut body butter, a coconut scrub and a mini loofah.

TBS Coconut Body Butter

TBS Coconut Body Butter

First up all that I want to say is that the entire coconut range smells amazing!! I’m already eyeing the coconut perfume oil because the scent is so real it doesn’t at all feel like its been conjured up artificially. Shown above is a body butter which I’ve been using sparingly because I don’t want to run out but then after a bath when its time to moisturize I can’t help but dig in and slap it all on myself. Despite being a body butter I didn’t find it very greasy, maybe perhaps because I suffer from dry skin and it drank up this coconut goodness. The scent to lingers on for a long time and I just feel very pampered which is ideal after a long road trip.


TBS Coconut body scrub

The coconut body scrub is something I was expecting to be worthless as coconut flakes can’t exfoliate much can they, but then it went totally opposite my expectations, it felt wonderful. I use this on my arms (after epilating) and feet only and a little of this goes along and way. Its works well scrubbing away removing dead skin and then the oils from the lotion itself seep into the skin making it moist and soft along with smelling amazing.

The shower cream I’ve tried but not loved, I liked that it left a scent on me along with a moist film on my skin which is good in winters but in summers it would just feel sticky. It doesn’t lather up and so mentally I feel that I haven’t been cleaned (yes I know lathering soaps have sulfates in them) but I think its a good thing to try on uber dry skin. All in all, this trial sized set is a great affordable way to try the different ranges available from TBS and finding what suits you the most, also your body thanks you for pampering it with something so natural yet delicious.

Next up I’m eyeing the shea butter range from TBS soon!